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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Beaver Lake and More than I Thought I'd See

Even though I was warned away from Beaver Lake because of the mosquitoes I couldn't resist stopping to have a look.  It's a long, narrow, sometimes steep drive from the main road to the campground with size restrictions posted at the entrance.  I wouldn't take anything bigger than a pop-up down that road if it were me, and there are only 8 first come first served campsites so it's a big risk for anything other than tenters.  Also, none of the NPS of USFS campgrounds on the National Lakeshore have flush toilets or showers so be prepared.

The trail to Beaver Lake was 3 miles roundtrip so I figured I'd give it a try.  I wore long sleeve pants and shirt, and sprayed Bug Me Not on exposed skin and on my shirt too.  Not that it seemed to help much, but if I kept moving I only had to slap a mosquito every five minutes or so.

There is a steep drop at the beginning of the trail but then the descent becomes gradual as you meet up with a little stream.

Boardwalks are pretty, but usually good indicators of a mosquito breeding ground, right?

Exposed rocks were a surprise along the trail.  Limestone?  Sandstone?  No time to investigate.

By the halfway mark I was sweating like crazy, sucking back water, but I was going to see Beaver Lake!  Also, signs indicated I could make it all the way to Lake Superior and maybe there would be some relief from the heat.

Crossing in to the Beaver Basin Wilderness there was so much sand and lichen that the ground almost looked like it had snowed!

Beaver Lake was pretty, and even when I clambered through the shrubs and under trees to get the shot I wanted of the dam I didn't pick up any ticks.

As I neared Lake Superior I did start picking up stable flies though.  And their bites hurt, so at the water's edge I stripped off my sweaty shirt for a few minutes but left everything else on.

Another lady on the beach was braver (or more stupid?) than me.  She was walking up and down a strip of sand by the water, naked as can be.  Her companion left his long sleeves and pants on the whole time, but I'm sure he enjoyed the show she was putting on.

Another walk on the beach Wayne sure would have enjoyed!


  1. We do seem to parallel each other a lot. I missed the Naked Hike day but you got the naked beach walker. You are a lot more dedicated than I am. Up here on the mountain there are no mosquitoes and very few ticks. Not sure I could make it on this hike even though I just love the beautiful pictures. The bugs and especially the flies would do me in. I'd say..........ok I'll come back in the fall. Thanks for sticking it out so I could see it.

  2. Very pretty woods and lake! But I'm with you - due to the mosquitoes and ticks there's no way I'd be cavorting in the buff! (not that I would anyway)