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Thursday, July 2, 2015

So Wright It Can't Be Wrong

When I got a look at the weather forecast for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week I tossed a few days worth of clothes in the car and headed north a bit even though I'd only been home a day from our little RV trip.  Comfortable weather is something I may not see again until September in Wisconsin, after all.

One of the trails I conquered was the Valley View segment of the Ice Age Trail.  It starts at Ice Age Lane in the Noll Valley subdivision.  Less than five miles from busy Mineral Point Road and West Towne Mall, but I never would have known I was that close to the city.


From the trailhead I followed the fence line a short distance to a woods, but before long it's nothing but wide open prairie that leads up to a beautifully restored terminal moraine.

Blue Mound in the distance

After the prairie is another residential area featuring Frank Lloyd Wright inspired homes.

No matter where I was on the 1.8 mile segment the views were stunning and the bugs weren't biting!  A 3.6 mile round trip hike through masses of wildflowers was a great way to start the day.

It stayed in the mid-seventies with a light breeze and lots of sun for most of the day, just perfect summer weather for hiking.

Loved walking in my running shorts from Walmart!

Over three days I hit quite a few Dane County highlights, including a night's stay at Blue Mound State Park which I reviewed before here.


  1. Glad the bugs are gone. I guess a couple of weeks makes a big difference.

  2. Glad the bugs are gone. I guess a couple of weeks makes a big difference.

  3. Sweet! Beautiful flowers, nice weather, no bugs. Who could ask for anything more?