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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Out to Au Sable Light -Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

I got in to Munising before noon today and after stopping in the visitor center to get some advice on where to camp I headed out to Twelvemile Campground.  Due to a southerly wind the Stable Flies are biting, but that campground is fairly mosquito free which was more important to me.  After setting up quickly I drove right over to the parking light for Au Sable Light to get a quick hike in.

The trailhead is located in the lower loop of the Hurricane Campground, which has lovely sites, but the mosquitoes and the stable flies harassed me the whole 1.5 miles to the light so I'm glad I chose another campground.

patterns in the sandstone under the water

I got great views of Lake Superior through the breaks in the treeline, and patches of Twinflower popped up along the trail to brighten an already bright day.


Just when I was thinking the habitat looked good for Lady Slipper I spotted one, it was the only one I saw that wasn't losing its bloom.

Another flower in decline is the Bunchberry, but quite a few still look nice.

I couldn't take all the bites I was getting and made my way out to the shore, enjoying the variety of patterns in the rocks, both large and small.

When I came upon pieces of a shipwreck I was sorry Wayne wasn't with me, he enjoys that kind of thing a lot so I sent him a picture on my iPhone.

Just when my ankles were telling me I had enough of walking on beach rocks a stairway appeared.

Normally I take the time to look up all the information on these places but I'm sitting at a restaurant in Grand Marais and they are starting to fill up with their dinner crowd so I'm going to wrap it up.

I just couldn't wait to share some of what I saw, ya know.

Especially this!


  1. Looks really pretty there! (except I so dislike biting insects since they LOVE me) Is the Lighthouse operational? Open to the public?

  2. We enjoyed our time in this area very much. The Bunch berry looks like a short dogwood!