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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Remodel Results

Boy, looking at this picture of what our bathroom looked like before the remodel is difficult.  It's amazing what you can choose not to see in your own home if you put your mind to it!

Our remodel on the bath included a new tub, shower doors, and tile from the floor on up.  The sink, vanity, and toilet were not replaced but I did replace the faucets in the sink and tub.

If you remember, I didn't have any bathroom plans, the remodel was a spur of the moment decision just a few weeks before we left for our trip.  I rushed out and chose tile, tub and faucets in just a few days.  I'm mostly satisfied, but not crazy about the shower doors which were Wayne's idea.  Being a bather I'm not thrilled about my tub being imprisoned with hard metal, but the tub itself is amazing for soaking.  I chose it with care, getting a porcelain coated stainless steel tub with a good slope for my back and boy does it hold the heat!  Twenty minutes after soaking I have to be careful when I stand up because my heart starts thudding harder than when I hike the mountains.

The natural stone mosaic border was one area Wayne and I were quick to agree on.  All those stone tiles remind me of the rocky shorelines we visit, especially the shale shores of Lake Superior.  The color of the tile is a little less yellow than the pictures make it look, the color is more true in the first picture.

The half bath was in desperate need of a new floor, sink and vanity and had been since we bought the house 10 years ago.  The hardwood that was inexplicably placed in there was rotting around the toilet and the sink was marred by burn marks, the faucet corroded, and the vanity an oak model that had been covered with cheap primer.

The updated version isn't fancy, but a tile floor is much more practical and the new sink, faucet and vanity are simple but clean looking.

We will most likely be selling in 5 or 6 years (or maybe less?) and updating the bathrooms was the last thing on our list.  Since we moved in 10 years ago we've now replaced the roof, gutters, siding, driveway, and put new cabinets and fixtures in both baths and the kitchen. We've also replaced all but the two large windows in the house and earlier this year added that extra detached garage.  Kind of crazy to sell after all that work, in a way, but the road calls to us...

Okay, here's the bill.  The names have been changed to protect the innocent. Anyone think it was too much or does it seem about right? Besides the fact that they accidentally added an extra "0" on the balance line, I mean.

I was shocked at over $5,000 for labor for such a relatively small job, especially since I did all the running around picking up supplies (except Durarock and related subfloor supplies) and choosing everything on my own. But we've always done our remodeling jobs ourselves until this year so I may just be naive.  Perhaps the demo work on the floors and removing the old tub increases the cost more than I would think?  Please share your thoughts!


  1. I think the remodels look very nice. Can't comment on the price since it has been way too many years since I had a house and paid for remodeling.

  2. Since I've never remodeled anything, I have no idea of price, but it looks absolutely amazing! I want that.

  3. Love the stone tiles in the master bath. What a difference some tile can make:) The color is so calming. We went with door on our tub when we remodeled. I felt it gave the bathroom a larger feeling. They aren't fun to clean, though. The sprays they sell to use after a shower really do work at keeping the soap scum down.

    While the labor does seem a little high, I would imagine that hand laying all those tiles, especially the small ones took time which = $$$. But it sure is better than doing it yourself. Enjoy your new remodeled bathrooms:)

    1. The small mosaic tiles come on a strip of webbing so are easier to set than you would think but of course grout would have to be worked in to each spacing.

  4. Don't know ... did you agree on a price before work commenced? Sign a contract with an agreed-on price or at least an estimate? I know you didn't have much time beforehand to research, but were you able to see how much a basic bathroom remodel costs? I agree with John (above); that being said, if you don't think the labor costs are fair, perhaps you can negotiate? If not, then I'd say -- enjoy your new remodeled bathrooms! Love the tile.