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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Pumpkin Pals in Door County

I zipped on up to Door County yesterday, hoping to get some fall color, but it's a little early yet.  I'd say the area is running between 40-60% color, and it's better on the Fish Creek side of the peninsula than on the Bailey's Harbor side.  I was quite disappointed when I drove through Jacksonport and Bailey's Harbor, but secured a campsite at Peninsula State Park in Fish Creek before dark fell.

Some of the park's campgrounds are closed for the year, and midweek in October is a great time to have some elbow room here.  I got site 813 in the Nicolet Bay area, and no one was in the non electric rows except me!

In the morning I headed out of the park and drove down Hwy 42 through Fish Creek and Egg Harbor, stopping at an antique store where I got some craft and decorating ideas.  Those chenille pumpkins were adorable, and there were chenille Christmas trees and even hearts for Valentine's Day too.  I love the texture and patterns, especially the criss-cross one on the bottom shelf.

When I scanned those pictures earlier in the week I found a few that were from pumpkin farm visits.

Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty - 1977

The cousins made an appearance in 1979 at an Alice in Wonderland scene.

There aren't a lot of pumpkins on display in Door County, surprisingly.  But I did find a few cute ones in Egg Harbor.

pigs in front of Casey's BBQ

I helped the Pirate Mr. Potato Head guy up, he'd fallen over in the night.  Too much rum, maybe?

In front of another shop I spotted the egg that floated in the harbor during the Eggstravaganza in 2014.

But the bees stole the show, painted with a variety of facial expressions and even cool shades.

The eggs up by the visitor center are still there to amuse and delight too.

I'm heading out of Door County now, but not for home.  I'm determined to find that stunning fall color, I wonder where it is?

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