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Friday, October 2, 2015

To Butler Lake on the Parnell segment

If you missed my short post about the finished bathroom remodel make sure to go back and take a look because I'm looking for opinions on what we got charged!  Today I zipped out of work at 3:00 and made it north to Kewaskum and the campground at Mauthe Lake by 5:00.  I haven't even walked around the block in the past 2 weeks due to my struggles with a cold virus and fall allergies and I couldn't wait to get outside again.  I picked up where I left off last time I was in the area on County F heading toward Butler Lake on the 13.9 mile long Parnell segment.

I only traveled a little over a mile each way, but climbing up and down the sides of the esker is quite the workout.  I spotted an exit hole that was probably made by a chipmunk alongside the trail that shows all the glacial till that the esker is made from.

The fungi is going strong, including one that was bigger than a dinner plate!

I had to really hustle to get out and back before dark with only an hour to do it.  Luckily I caught a break in the trees and at least got a peek at some stunning clouds.

Dinner was cheese and crackers with some grapes and now it's time to snuggle down in my tent with my Kindle as the temperature drops in to the 40's.  Wayne is enduring even colder than that on an ATV trip with his buddies farther north in Tomahawk, and the lucky duck is probably seeing lots of fall color up that way too.  Maybe next weekend we'll get to check it out together!


  1. What a lovely evening:) That is one huge hunk of fungus!

  2. I had to look up esker -- so I learned something new this evening (thanx!). That's a gorgeous sunset, too.