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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Boise Beginnings - Everything on Our Doorstep

Cory and I got on a plane yesterday (after almost 2 hours standing in line to get through security in Chicago, that is) and flew to Boise, Idaho.  He's got a friend there he met online and you know me, any excuse to go somewhere new.

I got a sweet deal on VRBO for a 3 bedroom rental house for 8 days that comes in under $1000.00 including all fees and taxes.  It even came with a visiting cat on our back porch!

taken with iPhone 5c

I quickly discovered that everything anyone could want from restaurants, shopping and even an Apple store was within a 5 mile radius of where we are staying.  Also within a 15 minute drive was the Hulls Gulch trails which is part of the Ridge to Rivers trail system.

  After spending a good chunk of the day running errands I was thrilled to get out for a walk and a lot of other outdoor enthusiasts seemed to have the same idea.

But at 70F with a gentle breeze and flowers in bloom I was okay with sharing the trails.

The Juniper even sported some golden lichen.  Fresh air and color everywhere, what more could a girl want?

Back at the rental house Cory and his friend Stephanie were "raising the roof" and seeing Cory having so much fun made the agony of air travel worth it.

taken with iPhone 6s+

Getting a new iPhone with a much better camera without having to wait in line was pretty great too!!


  1. You are quite the go getter. Looks like a good time. Have fun

  2. We enjoyed Boise. Glad you had some beautiful weather and lots of pretty flowers:)

  3. Gee you're only 8 hours away from me....My son lived in Boise last summer and he really liked it there. Be sure and visit the Sierra Trading Post Outlet in Meridian!

  4. I hope to visit Boise this fall, so I am taking notes. ;-)

  5. How's that nice, warm weather feel to you? :-)