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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Door "Jam"

We finally have daffodils blooming in southeastern Wisconsin... as long as you don't mind them dusted with a bit of snow.

I called my mother and asked her if she wanted to tag along for a run up to Door County with me.  I was out of Chopped Cherry jam (all other jam too!) and 4 hours is a long ride alone in what is essentially still winter.  It might not have gotten above freezing all weekend but there were a few interesting sights along the way.

Motorcycle riding bunny in Kewaunee

My favorite roadside sighting was the mermaid on a side street in Kewaunee.  Isn't she wonderful?

Lake Michigan was muddy and churned up near shore both days thanks to the wind, which is what we've been seeing for weeks and will likely see for weeks to come this spring.

Kewaunee Light, 1/2 hour south of Sturgeon Bay on Hwy 42

After Kewaunee we moved on through Algoma, and I made Mom's day when I showed her the mural with her name in it.  Algoma has lots of murals for a small town, it's fun to drive around and see how many you can find.

On our way back through Algoma the next day the sun wasn't out and the Algoma Breakwater Light was experiencing a bit of wind and waves.  My fingers almost froze to the camera trying to get a few shots, and of course I had left my zoom lens at home thinking it was unlikely that I'd need it.

Algoma is only 20 minutes south of Sturgeon Bay, and I prefer driving Highway 42 through Kewaunee and Algoma to catch sight of the lighthouses and lake instead of taking the interstate to Door County.  It only takes about 5 minutes longer and there is so much more to see!

Here's the video.  We enjoyed sitting in the car for 15 minutes and enjoying nature's show.

Once we arrived in Door County we darted into Door County Coffee and Tea to browse around and Main Street Market to get my jam.  After getting my jars of jam we checked in to the Bay Point Inn in Egg Harbor which is almost half price this time of year.  The shops and restaurants are mostly closed until May 1st so not much to do up here except listen to the wind while sitting by the fire.

The one bedroom "villa" comes complete with a whirlpool bathtub, a small but complete kitchen, a living room, balcony, and a bedroom with a bed big enough to fit us plus one more.

We got a deli pizza from the Main Street Market and cooked it ourselves while watching "Elf" on DVD.  Watching a Christmas movie helped put the current weather in perspective a bit.  Spring is just around the corner...kind of.

"Spring" in Egg Harbor

While the view from the balcony wasn't inspirational at this time of year, it was nice to see the water. The best hotel buffet breakfast I've ever had was included in the room cost.  Six flavors of Rishi tea were available along with real oatmeal, fresh pastries and bread for toasting, mini quiches and waffle makers heated up and ready to go.  Quite an impressive effort for us and one other pair of guests!  I'd definitely recommend a stay here, especially in the off season.

Sturgeon Bay had a great lighthouse mural on the side of the BP gas station of all places when we stopped to gas up on our way home.  I can't wait to come back up to the peninsula when the weather is more inviting.

Since I captured two murals this weekend I'm linking up to Monday Mural.


  1. After seeing your pictures (and that windy video!), I feel grateful for our NorCal spring flowers and green growing guys. Wow, it looks cold up in those parts of the Midwest. Brrrrrrrrrr! Nice photo of you and Mom. :-)

  2. Nice trip but seems a long way to go to get jam

    1. You have to taste the jam! Nothing like it anywhere else I've tried! Getting off the couch and out of the house was an incentive and it was nice to revisit spots I've been in warmer and look ahead to visiting them again on warmer days.

  3. Some very nice murals here. I like them.

  4. what a great day with mom! love the photos!

  5. Must be really good jam :)
    Box Canyon

    1. If our paths ever cross I'll bring you some!

  6. Beautiful trip with your mom. Even in the cold and wind it was all lovely.

  7. Nice getaway with your mom! I too like taking the backroads over Interstate highways.

  8. You seem to have spotted some great sights along the way. The murals are lovely too; just right for the place, I see. There are some beautifully done reflections in the last one.

  9. I knew the jam had to have a story for such a long trip. Seems like the journey was a lovely gift to both you and your mom. Love, love, love the realistic mural on the gas station wall. It's nice to have you back in the Monday Mural world. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.