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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Meet Me Down at the Boise Co-Op

I didn't know what was in store for me when I turned down Fort Street, but the mural on the back of the Boise Co-Op was pretty enticing.

The mural on the side has a lot more going on with images and themes that tie in to the community.

Of course I had to go inside, and let me just say that Whole Foods has some pretty stiff competition here in Boise.  I won't bother going anywhere but the Co-Op while I'm in town, that's for sure.

tempting sandwiches made while you wait

The prepared food section was indescribable so I won't even try.  I was tempted by so many  things that I have a feeling my Sunday dinner isn't the only meal I will be eating from the Co-Op's shelves.

A cookie lover's dream

The bakery cookies were almost as big as my fist and somehow I stopped myself and only put two in a bag.  I got the Spiced Pear and the Ginger Orange.  Verdict?  If I lived here I'd have to buy pants three sizes larger or take up running again.  After I broke a piece off the Ginger cookie and ate it I was only invigorated enough to drive home with the windows down bobbing my head to Fall Out Boy on the radio, running will have to wait for another day.

notice the restraint in not eating the whole cookie before I got home

The French Lentil soup was so good I practically inhaled it and I'm going to scour the internet for a recipe to make at home.

Nothing like a belly full of quality food! Linking up to Monday Mural - Good night from Boise!


  1. Sounds lik eyou hit the jackpot there. Great mural though I like the first picture best

  2. I love the cartoon "flavor" of the first shot.

  3. The first mural let me think of the work of Roy Liechtenstein. A focus pop art painter of the sixties with his enlargements of cartoon pictures. Nice one.

  4. Nice mural and great advert for the Co-op.

  5. Love really great Co-ops. Lucky Boise! If the prices are reasonable, one could quit cooking and just eat there. LOL Good looking food. Terrific mural.

  6. That is a lovely mural on the back of the Co-Op. It is light hearted and fun.

  7. Two fabulous murals in completely different styles. An embarrassment of riches. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.

  8. the first one is such a great mural!!The second mural looks season related!

  9. I proud of you for your restraint! :-) That is a cool mural.