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Monday, April 4, 2016

First Trillium Sighting on the Blue Bend Loop

For the last week I've been back to shivering in Wisconsin, but in Kentucky it was so warm I was wearing shorts for my hikes!  The last hike I attempted was the Blue Bend Loop which is located across the road from the parking area for Eagle Falls.

Just 40 steps from the trailhead the first Trillium were opening up, giving me hope that the hike would be interesting.

Also steps from the trailhead were some structures that were fun to explore.

Back on the trail I trudged upward for 3/4 mile but there were no more interesting things to see and my knees were making alarming noises so I turned back around headed down again.

The bridge just up from the falls had quite a logjam.  That must have been some storm to bring all that debris rushing down the river!


  1. Some interesting finds, sure it was not a disused railway there. Saw your car in the last blog, could have been someone in a car knocked it driving too close

  2. The trilliums are blooming here in Oregon too! But I've been busy skiing and not hiking.

  3. Oh trillium. I do so miss Appalachian Springs. I'm headed back to Virginia but I fear I'm too late for the early ephemerals. Alarming noises from one's knees would be just that...........alarming.

  4. I'm going to post a photo of my trilliums, for a comparison. Were the skeeters out?