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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Crazy Horse, Mt. Rushmore and Mountain Goats Oh My!

It wouldn't be a visit to South Dakota without making time to see the Big Heads.  And of course the best route is to take the Iron Mountain Road and see them through the tunnels.

On our way out I said that all I wanted was to see mountain goats that day, and Keystone is a great place to see them.  It was the warmest day of our trip, but we still found the energy to do the Presidents Walk and see the stony faces close up.

I kept my eyes peeled for mountain goats but didn't see any...until we were leaving the parking lot!  There they were in the parking area across the street, fulfilling my wish without knowing it.  I have a knack for getting my wildlife viewing wish, so if you ever hang out with me on a hike keep that in mind and get me to make a wish for you.

We also saw mountain goats in downtown Custer, but they were the artistic variety and not the living and breathing sort.  The representation of the area needles on the buffalo from the Custer Stampede Art Auction was my favorite one in town.

We also made a quick stop into Crazy Horse.  Not much has changed since our last visit, but we think it is worthwhile to make our contribution to the project with our admission fee.  If we ever have millions to donate, this is one of the projects that would definitely be considered.

We've been home for a few days and of course it is hot and humid upon our return, but storms are rolling through tonight and it looks like more reasonable weather might be finally on the way by the weekend.  I have a Girl Scout recruitment event to help out with this weekend, but after that who knows where I will end up?


  1. I love those goats, they look so fluffy & cuddly. Like the artwork very different

  2. Cute pics of the goats! I'll have to remember to include you next time I want to see wildlife. :)