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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Black Cat Alley

I've been waiting for the chance to go check out Milwaukee's new mural alley and this weekend I finally made my way out there.

Black Cat Alley was pretty easy to find in the alley behind the Oriental Theater and will make a great neighborhood even more attractive to visitors I'm sure.

60-foot-wide “glitch frog” piece by European artist MTO

The art featured those little scan barcode thingys for more information in some spots, but I just moved through the crowd of Sunday Packer fans and let the art speak for itself.

Some were tall, some were small, and fun was being had by all.  I suggest you stop by and check them out for yourself, maybe get a Colectivo coffee while you're there.

I was delighted to find koi on the alley under my feet, and I wondered how many folks noticed since they were so busy looking up.  They are the work of Jeremy Novy, a graduate of Milwaukee’s Peck School of the Arts and a nationally renowned street artist.  This is not my first encounter with the whimsical koi, I first noticed them in the summer of 2013 but my shoes were orange that year!

Apparently the koi were already in the alley, but the artist gave them a touch-up as long as he was in the neighborhood!  Linking up to Monday Mural.


  1. Every town needs a Black Cat Alley or two!

  2. Can't wait we'll be there at the end of next week and I've already marked this to see.

    1. Enjoy your visit, so much to see in Milwaukee!

  3. A mural alley, that's a fun idea.
    ~The Happy Wonderer

  4. So different from the one in Rapid City.

  5. Those murals give us a good reason to stop in Milwaukee next time. Love the koi - funny seeing your feet