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Friday, September 2, 2016

Hill City and Rapid City "Seen"

Hill City is a good place to stop if you'd like to curl up and dye.  At least that's what the sign said.

Or, if like me, you want to see Iron Star.  She's one of the sculptures by John Lopez, and Hill City is home to the Sculpture in the Hills sculpture show every June that I'm still longing to attend.

She has her imitators, like this pack mule nearby, but none can compare to John's brilliance in my opinion.

If catching the train to Keystone or browsing the shops in Hill City isn't your thing, motor on down the highway to Rapid City and wave to a few of the United States Presidents hanging out on the street corners downtown.

Better yet stop and get a bagel at Black Hills Bagels, home of my new favorite sign.  A cowboy riding a bagel?  Genius!

And for dessert go into the Hotel Alex Johnson and sample the Chubby Chipmunk truffles.  These are my absolute favorite in the whole world...well, so far.  I have sampled a lot of chocolate in my time, but not all of it yet!  If you aren't in Rapid City their home store is in Deadwood.  Or you can order online, which I usually do when I'm down in the dumps during the winter and need a special treat.

I bought some 2 packs to take home to my buddies...and a 12 pack for myself.  I let Wayne have one.  It's possible he might get a second one if he is quick about it.

Wayne had to get a radiator flush done on the truck so Cory and I got to meet up with Linda and her mom and spend a few hours wandering downtown.  Included in our wanderings was the site of a new sculpture project called "Passage of Wind and Water" at Main Street Square which portrays the Badlands Garden on one side of the square and the Black Hills Garden on the other side carved in granite.

We had lunch at the Firehouse Brewing Company which had good food and a killer mural.

Sculpture is everywhere in Rapid City, including lovely Native American inspired pieces.

We also checked out Art Alley, more about that in the next post!


  1. I recognize almost all your photos from our recent visit!! We walked the streets to see every President! John wanted to see if he could identify them from their statue. He hit almost everyone!

  2. Ha! I love the hair stylist sign! It's fun to read about my hometown seen through the eyes of a visitor. And I've only eaten one of my Chubby Chipmunk far! :)

  3. That was well worth going to for the Sculptures