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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Greetings From Kenosha

I started the weekend volunteering at a Girl Scout recruitment event, and even more fun than seeing little girls excited to be joining Girl Scouts was seeing historical GS uniforms.

After the recruitment event I headed over to Southport Marina on Kenosha's lakefront to see what the Pokemon situation was in town.  I hit the jackpot!

All those pink blossoms means other people had thrown out "lures" to bring in the Pokemon.  I walked back and forth for two hours catching them and soaking up the gorgeous late summer weather on Lake Michigan.

The marina area is home to a couple of museums and a sculpture park along the footpath where one of the works reflected the visitors to the park on that afternoon.

The sky went from moody clouds to bright and sunny, the boats came in and out of the harbor, and families strolled by playing the new electronic craze together.

Down the block folks took their purchases from the Farmers Market to their cars or sat down on benches with their iced lattes to watch everyone enjoying the day.

Kenosha has electric streetcars that travel a 2 mile loop, their little bells clanging to warn folks out off the tracks as they zip on by.  I was so enchanted by the bells it took me awhile to realize the conductor was telling me to get the heck out of his way!

There was even a new mural featuring the streetcar a few blocks away in the old downtown district.

Over the past decade a lot has been done to revitalize the lakefront and the work continues so come visit if you are traveling through the area. Kenosha even has a wooden sailboat that you can book if you visit

 This is the best time of year in Wisconsin and I'll be taking advantage of it as much as I can before winter sets in!


  1. What a great place, love those sculptures you pictured and the tram, looks really retro. New camera coming out tomorrow which might suit you.

  2. Love those old Girl Scout uniforms!