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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Cops and Doughnuts and Mayan Architecture?

I'm as far behind in my writing as Memorial Day weekend, when Cory and I scooted up to Ontario for a few days to see my grandmother who was there for a brief visit.  We were only there 2 nights and 1 day, and I didn't take any family photos because I was too busy instructing my mother on how to do it with her iphone, but we did wander around Windsor a bit at night and Cory got a couple of Tim Horton's donuts.

Downtown Windsor mural

From there we were off and dashing across the state of Michigan, trying to catch up to Wayne back in Wisconsin for a bit of time off.  I saw a billboard for "World Famous Cops and Doughnuts" in the town of Clare, so I just had to stop and check it out.

I don't know about world famous, but they are obviously Michigan famous as there were folks everywhere inside and out.  The line went quickly though (and believe it or not a cop was behind me in line it was all I could do not to laugh) and we got a sampling including this amazing blueberry filled doughnut that made driving through Michigan something I think I might need to do more of.

Around the corner sat a giant rooster for some reason, taking attention away from what I thought was a great bar sign.

And then the doughnut vans which were amazing.  I know my verdict was "guilty of being delicious" when it comes their offerings so I don't think that doughnut is getting out anytime soon.

 Further down the road we spent the night in Bay City where I got out for a walk around their downtown.  No doughnuts, which was probably a good thing since I already had a few I needed to walk off, but the Sunrise Pedal Trolley was different, they offer a variety of tours where you do the pedaling to mobilize the trolley along with enjoying wine or beer and making stops throughout downtown.

Bay City also had nice areas to walk or picnic along the river, and folks were busy taking pictures in front of the Friendship Fountain.  After more than 33 years, there are discussions to remove the iconic Bay City Ring of Friendship sculpture from the park and potentially move it elsewhere in the city. I hope they leave it where it is, and I'm sure the locals do too.

A few interesting pieces of architecture caught my eye like the State Theatre.  In September 1908 the Bijou vaudeville theatre opened in Downtown Bay City. In August 1920 the theatre's name was changed to the Orpheum. The theater was renovated in 1930 to resemble a Mayan pyramid by renowned architect C. Howard Crane, and made other changes over the decades.  In 2000 it was restored to its Mayan theme.

I couldn't locate any information on the great building below, but it houses an architecture firm and an interior designed which I thought was very appropriate.  My eyes couldn't soak up enough of that red, isn't it great?

In the morning we were off and on our way further north, spending the night in St. Ignace.  It was raining when we arrived, but it did clear up enough for a glimpse of the Mackinac Bridge.

We browsed two or three shops downtown, and took a walk in the woods, but the only moose we saw was on this cribbage board.  

Not too long after I got a call from Wayne saying he thought something might be wrong with his brakes while towing the camper.   Uh-oh!  Our plans were derailed, which seems to happen to us just a little too often.  Instead of a week in the Upper Peninsula I hightailed it across and headed back down into Wisconsin and we made do for a few days where he had already been set up for an ATV trip with his buddies.  More on that next post!


  1. What a great place to visit and I like how you coordinated the doughnut with your nail varnish