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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Waiting in Wabeno

Continuing on with my story, Cory and I met up with Wayne in Suring for a few days while he took the truck in to have the brakes looked at in Green Bay. The team at Gandrud Chevrolet declared that nothing was wrong with it and let us go without charging us, which I'm sure will never ever happen again!

To pass the time we did interesting things like drive half an hour to find a laundromat.  Or a grocery store.  Or anything at all!  Across from the laundromat in Wabeno we found a Logging Museum that actually was good place to visit.

The Phoenix Log Hauler on display was built in 1901 and was powered by 4 steam engines.  It may not have gone fast, but it good sure pull a lot of logs, 25 sleighs at a time as a matter of fact.

I love the guy sitting on the front and more sitting on the logs in the picture! Must have been good to let the engine do the work after logging them.

More items related to the logging life were on display inside, but my favorite was the maple sugar molds.  Made my mouth water!

And if you need a haircut and your computer repaired where else but Wabeno could you get both done at the same stop?

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  1. Brilliant place to visit, I thought that was a steam train to start with then noticed the tracks. Must have been something to watch work