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Monday, July 24, 2017


Last month when I drove up to a new section of the Upper Peninsula I was greeted by roadsides lined with lupine in bloom.

I mean, who wouldn't love that?  I might not have heard any loons, but you can't have it all.

Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula have been experiencing a wetter than normal summer, to put it mildly.  It has made my vow to get hiking again a little difficult. I've done more road walking than I ever have in my life out of necessity.

I didn't want to be deterred when I stayed overnight at Lake Gogebic State Park not far from Ironwood, and I wasn't.  I was chased by mosquitoes and in spots have to jump from one less-muddy spot to another, but I got a 2 mile hike in the woods accomplished before retiring to my tent.

Umm, after a shower first.

I thought about just jumping into the lake with the birds but they ran away from me.

I found a moose who didn't run away from me.  Of course he wasn't real, but still fun to see.

And a sign on highway 45 pointing to the parking lot for O-Kun-De-Kun Falls and the North Country Trail had me doing a U-Turn to go for a mid-day walk in between appointments.

I won't bore you with more muddy pictures, but be assured that the trail was sloppy.

Apparently there is a suspension bridge nearby over the Baltimore River but since this was just a lucky find I did not get to see it and will have to try to find it next time I go through.

It was nice to rinse off the sweat and enjoy the mosquito free river before heading back to the lot for a roundtrip of about 3 miles.  It's beautiful country up there from Ironwood to Houghton, I can't wait to see it in the fall!

I bought a state park sticker on my trip, but truthfully I would recommend the county park campgrounds up there, they look just as nice for less!


  1. Your new job is getting you to some interesting places! Love the crazy mailbox.

  2. Nice walk and worth the effort to see the falls