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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Door County Detour

 Once we got the all clear to hit the road we took that good news and ran with it...all the way to Door County.

It wasn't the U.P., but just as good and closer to home in case we ran into more vehicle trouble.  We stayed at Beantown Campground in Bailey's Harborn for the first time where we had a large grassy site that featured much less of the mosquitoes you will find in the woods up that way.  Wayne and the kitties liked that, and Cory liked the free wifi.

I liked the ability to walks in the woods, as long as I kept moving to keep ahead of the skeeters all was good.  I wasn't able to walk at our campsite in Suring because the mosquitoes were vicious, but Newport State Park was quiet and cool in the shade early in the morning.

wood betony

And staying in Bailey's Harbor meant a quick drive or bike ride down to see the Range Lights.

The Indian Paintbrush was blooming on the beach...

                                  and the boardwalks over the swales are always nice too.

While Wayne didn't do as much walking as I did he can never resist walking out to check out the boats at the marinas.

We even talked Cory into taking the ferry over to Washington Island.

Though we didn't feel it was worth $66 for 3 adults and 1 vehicle to drive around and see not much.

Perhaps we are a bit spoiled, but that ferry over to Islesboro in Maine yielded a lot more to see both on land and sea.

With nothing much to see, do or eat on Washington Island I was happy to get back to Sisters Bay and buy some jam at Seaquist Orchards Farm Market.  Everything is tasty, but I'm partial to their chopped cherry jam and Wayne says it was one of the best apple pies he has had.  (And he's had a lot!)

We also visited the Door County Maritime Museum in Gills Rock.  We have seen a lot that are bigger and better but it was nice for a small one.  I especially enjoyed the sled for sailing on the bay when the ice froze over.

There is always something new to see when in Door County, and one of those things was the pair of bicycle riders with bird houses for heads.  Creepy or cute?  You decide!

We went for a bike ride too.  Here is a picture to prove we don't have bird houses for heads!

And I'll close with a 10 second video of Jewel enjoying the tree at our campsite.  I just can't resist!


  1. Nice to see you guys Out and About!

  2. Very nice place to visit though I find it bad enough with two dogs, not sure I'd be happy taking cats