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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Walworth County Fair - It's Kind of a Big Deal

I'm so far behind that here are some photos from a visit Wayne and I made to the Walworth County Fair back in August.

The first County Fair held in Elkhorn was in 1851 and it has been held at the same location since 1855.  It's kind of a big deal around these parts, as a young 4-H'er's T-shirt proclaimed that day.  Not just agricultural exhibits can be found, if you had showed up in 2015 you could have seen Charlie Daniels perform one day and Cheap Trick perform the next at the Grandstand.  It was a country act this year, don't ask me who as I have no knowledge of any current acts in that music genre!

Everything is big at the Fair, including the pumpkins.  And that one isn't even the biggest one we saw!

We also saw young 4-H members preparing their cow.  They were operating some sort of dryer, kind of like a beauty salon for bovine.

The goat barn was probably the most fun, with curious goats gawking at us as frankly as we gawked at them.

But the exotic chickens were my favorite, how could you not love a face like this one?  Though perhaps a visit to the salon over in the cow barn might have been in order.

The chicken below might have already been to the salon, maybe even used a little gel to make those feather stand out so straight!

And if cute and cuddly is more your style don't despair, the bunnies will be there to make your day.

Most folks go for the food.  I don't get it myself, I've yet to have anything at the Fair that I felt was more than a necessary evil due to it being lunchtime.  But for some reason that is all anyone ever talks about when you mention visiting the Fair.

Paul Ryan was spotted... or was he?


  1. The fairs are a bit like our county show here

  2. Those chickens are adorable!
    And I am with you on the food. Unless it is peameal bacon on a bun.