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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Blooms From May to July

Milwaukee in May provided raindrops on tulips...

Early June brought the poppies to my flower bed...

Echinacea may be fading fast, but all the rain we got in June means the Hydrangea are happy as can be! Milkweed is blooming right now, along with Butterfly Weed so wings are fluttering in meadows.

Speaking of things that grow, of course the news that Canada will be legally growing marijuana has been out awhile now.  Will the United States be far behind, at least officially making it not illegal federally but a state decision wholly?  Forbes has an article that has given this topic some thought.  I'm sure in the meantime that Canada will welcome the revenue it brings, even from American visitors. Overnight visits by Americans are forecasted to rise 3.4 percent this year, though that is less than what it is expected from other countries. Vancouver is expected to have the strongest growth in overnight visits this year at 4.3 percent, to 8 million tourists. Toronto should experience a 3.5 percent increase, to an estimated 14.8 million tourists in 2018, while Montreal should see, the Conference Board said.

According to a Nanos Research survey commissioned by CTV News and The Globe and Mail, nearly three in four Canadians are considering alternate summer plans from their usual trips to the United States. The survey shows 74 percent of Canadians are likely to stop traveling to the U.S. in response to the trade war.

Here's the Globe and Mail's perspective at how the trade war should be handled. But of course our plans to visit Newfoundland go forward, with Wayne and Cory leaving with the RV...TODAY!  I will follow a week later by plane, so I'll get the Newfie outlook on Trump and even on Trudeau in person soon.

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  1. I am so very excited about your upcoming trip to Newfoundland! I get the chance to visit my favorite spot north of the border through your lens. Trump was just ramping up when I was there last year, so I didn't hear much about politics at all. I'll be curious to hear if that has changed.

    Your flower photos are gorgeous...