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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Good Morning, Newfoundland

I got in to St. John's around 7:30 p.m. and stayed in town due to the rain making driving out over the road risky before dark.  When I woke in the morning the sun was shining and I figured 6 hours of sleep was enough because I couldn't wait to get outside and explore!

Mt. Pearl morning

Even when my brother-in-law drove me to their house in Mt. Pearl from the airport I saw all the lupine blooming, I mean that stuff is everywhere right now!

Branscombes Pond

Lucky for me there is a pond with a boardwalk around it right in their subdivision, where I spotted Blue Flag Iris and lots of damselflies.

Google Maps was showing me there was a footpath just a few blocks father along, so off I went in search of more adventure.

I followed the water along the path until it started to roar.

A bridge crossed the Waterford River and I did not think of diving from it or swimming in the river.  It is not that warm in Newfoundland in mid-July!  Though they are finally having warmer weather and sunshine here which is much appreciated since they've been shoveling snow until recently.

The Avalon Peninsula didn't have snow late May, but in Gander, Corner Brook and Stephenville they  were posting snowstorm pics on Facebook.  Oh, and it snowed in June too...June 26th as a matter of fact.  Ever questioned why we are not talking about retiring to The Rock?  See the previous sentence and there is your explanation.

Yes, fellow travelers, if Newfoundland is your desired destination, it doesn't hurt to wait until July to guarantee pleasant weather.

Jewel loves watching the world from the picnic table

Before long Wayne had arrived to pick me up and take me to Argentia where he and Cory had arrived the previous day with the camper by way of the Marine Atlantic ferry.  Oh, and the kitties rode the ferry too!  They were not big fans, and unfortunately got seasick in the camper.

Celia hiding in the grass, Jewel wondering where she is...

So we all got to enjoy a sunny morning in Newfoundland....hopefully there will be a few more!

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  1. Oh, those lupine are so gorgeous! That looks like quite a lovely trail!