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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Birds in the Morning

I'm sure many of you have heard about the big snowstorm we got up here in Newfoundland this past weekend.  I live a little over an hour from St. John's and we got a bit over 2 feet, which was a good dumping but not nothing we don't usually see at least once a year in Wisconsin.

Our neighbor helped us, then Wayne bought a
snowblower and helped his mom's neighbors

Everything was shut down for a day after the storm out in the Placentia region, but it's day 5 and St. John's is STILL shut down and they had to call in the Armed Forces to help dig out. 

Wayne makes sure the birds can find food after the snow

Today grocery stores are opening from 10-6 so folks can get some groceries resupplied, but things are probably a bit scarce on the shelves as deliveries from the mainland haven't been getting in and even out here there wasn't a loaf of bread to be found on the shelves at our store.

Our kitties watching the birds 

 The airport recorded 78 cm (30inches) of snow and nearby Mt. Pearl got 93 cm/36 inches.  In addition, winds of 105 km/h to 134 km/h were recorded which is hurricane force levels! Those winds created snowdrifts up to 15 feet in some places, burying people's front doors and vehicles.

Me and my fantastic sister-in-law with a view of St. John's behind us

On a November day my sister-in-law and I went for a walk in town.  We thought it was kind of cold that day but what did we know with real winter more than a month away? I remember having to take off my gloves and unzip my coat for heaven's sake!

Just an iPhone shot, but from our trail we could see iconic Signal Hill in the misty distance

Tucked in the heart of St. John's we were walking the Oxen Pond to Long Pond section of the Grand Concourse, a network of trails that totals 120km.  We were enjoying the shelter from the wind and city noise and along our way we spotted a blue jay doing the same.

Winter is far from over, but hopefully there are no more storms like the one we just had in store for us.  Everybody stay dry and warm, no matter where you call home!

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  1. Hope all are safe and warm...and coping well. Love the cats enjoyment of birds!