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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Both Lady Colors

I came home from a 2 night solo camping trip at Kettle Moraine today.  After unloading all my gear and making a sandwich I decided to check my email.  My daughter Katrina had sent me an email with a clip from the Ellen Show.

It's okay, click the link, I'll wait right here until you come back.


I've noticed this trend in advertising myself, just yesterday in fact, in the pharmacy aisle.  What product have they revamped for women, you ask?  Laxatives.  Yep, you can now buy a pink laxative "for women".

Curious, I read the label.  What makes a laxative "for women"?  They added a smidge of calcium.  So, if you're not getting enough calcium in your diet, take the laxative for women.  Really?  The pink color is supposedly an indication that it is "comfort coated" because women take laxatives more than men.  I didn't realize that suffering from constipation more than men also meant our stomachs couldn't handle the strength of a standard laxative.  Good thing the makers of Dulcolax are looking out for us ladies.  And, as Ellen Degeneres pointed out with the pens, there is a price difference for those little pink pills.  The CVS web site has the pink ones for $9.79 while the regular Dulcolax is only $7.49.  I guess they think women are stupid enough to buy anything pink without reading the label.  Personally, I'll take the generic equivalent for almost half the price.

To be fair, I've seen a lot of new hair products on the market "for men" so they don't feel girly when they get all dolled up for a night out impressing the ladies. Hair spray is hair spray, isn't it?

The pink and purple craze for women idiocy is a big problem for me in the shoe department.  They don't make running shoes in white anymore, which for the most part is a good thing because the dirt doesn't show, but try to find a pair that isn't shocking pink or purple!  I've been left with buying variations or neon orange and blue.




I just had to find an excuse to post pics of my shoes since Sharon at The Odd Essay broached the topic of all the wildly colored shoes on the market.  By the way, Sharon, that post was a lot of fun to read!

Sigh.  Feminist rant over, I guess.  For today anyway.  One last pink thought (must be pink if it comes from a woman, right?) before I go.  I know I've mentioned this before, but it still bugs me that whenever I mention camping alone most women react as if I'm in some mortal danger doing so.  Even a doctor who goes horseback riding alone told me she'd be afraid out there on the trails or in a tent by herself.  In Wisconsin.  In a state park.  You'd think someone with all that schooling would have a little more sense.  I'm more afraid of being attacked by a weirdo in the Walmart parking lot than in the state park.  My daughter has a lot to say on the statistical probability of being raped by the lunatic hiding in the bushes, such as 2/3 of  assaults are committed by someone known by the victim.  I'm safer in my tent than in my neighborhood according to that statistic!

Site 266 at Pinewoods, my home the last 2 nights 

So, to sum up, don't fall for gender targeting in advertising, buy shoes that fit good and feel good instead of ones that are pretty, and get outside and don't live in fear of the bogeyman!


  1. How was the weather for your camp out?

  2. Ohhhh... I love your new shoes/sneakers/tennies/gym shoes. Yeah... pink... I've never liked pink... don't care much for red... love brown, yellow and green.... yet, there are times when I'll say "the blue side (male) or female thoughts (pink). Guess I'm guilty. About that pink laxative... is there nothing more revolting than Pepto Bismo? It's taken me most of my life to overcome some of those fears about the dark or being outside alone... and you sure hit the nail on the head about why some of we women have those fears.

  3. Advertising targeting women goes all the way back to the Model T.

  4. I run in the early morning and hike by myself all the time and have never felt unsafe. And I live in a large metropolitan area.

  5. That clip was hysterical! My aunt always says that if men had to have mammograms, they would figure out a less painful way to do it.

  6. O boy those shoes are a bit harsh on the eyes, least people will be able to see it's you walking