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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fall Color Coming Soon to a Park Near You!

It's starting.  Fall color, just a hint here and there, and before you know it we'll be in the thick of it.  It's my favorite time of year and it goes way too fast so I'm savoring the beginnings of it today.

That's my neighbor Margie above, looking for "fishies" in the old quarry just minutes from our subdivision.  See the spot of red in the trees on the far left?  And the grasses and flowers are starting to yellow and fade as well.

The milkweed was doing a lot of things, some were still green, some almost purple, and a couple had even dried out all the way and released the first seeds.

I can never remember the name of that roadside bush (above left) that gets those red pods.  As you can see its leaves are turning red now too.  It's usually the first red we see around here.  But, some plants are still throwing out beautiful crisp blooms as if it's summertime.

The grasshoppers have been out in full force lately, everywhere I go they are springing off to either side of the trail as I walk by.  This guy was just hanging out on a milkweed plant and tolerated me getting in for a close-up.

I actually went out to our county park to try out my new Gorillapod.  I didn't find a tree branch to wrap it around, but I set it up on the ground for some footsie-shots.  Worth every penny.  I bought it on Amazon, a few weeks ago for less than they have it advertised now, free shipping, easy returns.  I know there are those who will scream SHOP LOCAL, but Amazon employs people too, right?  Besides, our local camera store has a nasty tendency to not accept returned items once they've been "used".  How are you supposed to know whether it's what you need unless you try it?  I paid $51 but now it's shop around is the lesson there.  I got the one with the ball head and bubble level for my SLR.  But, I digress.  Here are my promised footsie-shots.

Not a bad collection of photos for what was essentially a backyard shoot at high noon, if I do say so myself.  Thank goodness for polarized lenses and exposure adjusting software!

Special thanks today to Linda for recommending the Gorillapod!  Very lightweight, affordable and versatile, it will serve me well hiking in the future.  Now I regret buying the big expensive may have a future spotlight on Ebay if the Gorillapod ends up being as versatile as I think.


  1. Have to look up what a gorillapod is.

    I believe the name you can't remember is sumac. :)

    1. Thanks, Judy, I had a feeling it would be you who would help me out!

  2. Buy local went out the window when they charge $20 more than Amazon. Personally I'd keep the other pod it's more solid than the Gorillapod.
    Got your message about RVing, I have a mate who lives in his and travels round Europe. Last I hear he was up in the Outer Hebrides but check on his house every year which he rents out.

  3. Glad you like your Gorillapod. Mine is always in my backpack. I really need to use it more, I mainly just bring it out for selfies. You got some nice photos and looks like you're having sunny weather. We're in the middle of a massive rain/windstorm here this weekend, which means no hiking for me! :(