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Sunday, September 8, 2013

St. Ignace Antique Tractor Show & Parade

We didn't plan our stay to coincide with the Antique Tractor Show & Parade here in St. Ignace, but it turned out to be a happy coincidence.  We woke up on Friday morning with the intention to check out the two small museums in town before hooking up and heading across the bridge to our new destination.  When we left the park we encountered a long line of tractors heading into town.

We parked at the lot for the Huron Boardwalk and started strolling through town, enjoying the tractors still putting along.  In 2012 they had over almost 900 tractors and the goal was to hit 1000 this year.

The Huron Boardwalk had interpretive signs along the way giving information about the history of the area.  It also had nice views of the marina and the lighthouse.

The museums were a disappointment.  Luckily I only had $1 on me when I went into the Ojibwe Museum that was admission by donation.  The fellow tending the store was rude, and it was basically a glorified gift shop.  I did learn a couple of things in the 3 minutes I spent inside.

The other museum was closed, perhaps they were busy enjoying the tractor parade.  There was more to see than the usual red, yellow and green machines.

The tractors start in Mackinaw City and make their way over the bridge to St. Ignace.  They were still coming over at 12:30 when we crossed it going the other way, but this picture I took might very well show the last of them because we didn't see any more after these guys passed us.

While in St. Ignace we took a daytrip up to Sault Ste. Marie.  Wayne just loves the Ship Valley Camp Museum and just had to see it again!  Mural from St. Ignace tomorrow so we'll talk about our SVC tour on Tuesday.


  1. I have been to a few less than stellar museums which has put me off some small town visits.
    I'm still trying to imagine 1,000 tractors in a row!

  2. Cool! Stumbling upon a tractor parade. It was your lucky day!