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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Chilly Morning Walk in Reno

We made it to Reno, Baby!  We're staying at a condo that I found using the website.  I was looking for a rental that didn't use air fresheners, scented candles, strong cleaners and that was pet and smoke free.  Much like the last time I tried this experiment, the place is darling, the price cheaper than a hotel room and includes a full kitchen, but the scent-free situation isn't what was promised.  Whatever the cleaning lady used to clean the floors (I suspect Pine-Sol that I found in the cupboard) the smell is so overwhelming I had to sleep on the couch in the living room.  We're heading to Whole Foods soon for a bottle of unscented dish liquid and I'll be spending my evening washing every surface that smells suspicious until I get rid of all the odor.  My sinuses aren't too happy with me this morning, but at least I didn't get a migraine.

Our digs

Truckee River

The condo is right on the Truckee River and steps from the Riverwalk, but Reno has been suffering through a drought for the last three years and the river is very low.  I was up at 7:00 am Reno time this morning and decided to go for a walk to acquaint myself with the neighborhood.  My end goal was the  Co-op only a block away, but I had 40 minutes to kill and it was a balmy 30F.  Sound cold to you?  It was only 8F in Twin Lakes at the same time this morning and the high will only be 14F there all day.  It's going to get up to 58F here today, I feel like a kid on the first day of summer vacation!

Besides the mural I saw from my living room window this morning, the first thing I saw was the Lake Mansion.  Built in 1877 in the Italianate style, it has been moved twice.  I think it looks pretty good for all that moving around!


After walking past the Lake Mansion and the Co-Op I headed back toward the river district.  The sidewalks were starting to fill with pedestrians on their way to work.

The pink glow was a reflection from a pink building across the river

I spied a few large buildings that looked like government facilities and made my way over.  It wasn't hard to spot this art deco charmer.

When I got around the corner I was thrilled to discover the metalwork on the entryway, but a little less thrilled when I saw the "closed" sign taped to the door.  Turns out this was the "old" post office and the new one is elsewhere.  Maybe I can find someone to unlock it and give me a tour like I did in the Smokies?

Interior door shot through the exterior door's glass -
can you see my reflection?

After passing the old post office I started noticing a variety of wind sculptures on the lamp posts.  Reno is an artistic community, and I also saw quite a few sculptures and murals in the section I walked.

But, I can't show it all to you now!  Have to leave something for later.  I got a couple of shots in great morning light of the Washoe County Courthouse too, pictured above behind the lamp post.  I'm planning on taking a peek at the inside later so we'll come back to that.

The Co-Op was small but had a good selection for their size.  I picked up a couple of pieces of fruit, some butter, and a loaf of Truckee Sourdough Company Bread.  Best sourdough toast I've had in a long time.  I had to stop myself from toasting two more slices when I was done!

I was drooling as I sliced that red pear!

I had to take a picture of my breakfast for my mom, who financed most of this trip for Cory and I as a gift and is resting up right now at St. Luke's Hospital in Milwaukee.  She recently discovered that she'd had a minor cardiac infarction at some point and they went in this morning to see if a stent was needed.  Good news is they discovered damage was very minimal and no stent needed.  I'm sure her first stop will be for a cup of tea as soon as she's released later today!

Now I'm trying to find a hike to go with the beautiful day ahead of us.  Skies are going to be clear tonight...thinking about heading out east of the city and checking out the stars.  Cory's never seen them in an area where the light pollution is low.  So much to see and do!


  1. what a fantastic gift for you both; lovely photos - I enjoyed the bridge, and the sour-dough toast :)! Glad you're Mum got a good report Pam

  2. That red pear caught my eye... let Carole M have the sourdough toast.

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  3. Have a fab time. Sourdough bread is one of my fav's. Best wishes to mom's quick recovery.

  4. Reno is a cool city. If you have time, go to Sparks to the Scheels outdoor store and from there take a walk around Sparks Marina Lake. Are you going to make it up to Lake Tahoe? It's not that far and it's so spectacular. Don't know what the snow on the roads might be like going up there. But if you can go, go!

  5. Wow, that one came out of nowhere. Didn't realize you had a trip planned, but I'm kind of out of the loop and you may have mentioned it. Any particular reason you chose Reno?? Always fun to just pick a city and live like a local for a few days. My favorite kind of getaway! Glad your mom did well.