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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Much Ado About Midtown

First of all, thanks for all the nice comments on my post about Cory!  Today's Reno post is about the day he kind of planned out for us.  When we were driving through "Midtown" he spotted a bunch of quirky little shops he wanted to go back and check out.

I went in to the antique shop looking for vintage hair barrettes but had no luck.  I liked their Coca Cola related window display though!

Cory tackled the Happy Happy Joy Joy shop but I stayed outside because it smelled like air freshener.  He said it was like a toy store for grown-ups, if the purple outfitted mannequin with the dog head didn't give it away for ya!  Lots of used clothing stores, antique shops, and little boutiques in midtown.  We even stopped into the Spy Shop which sold a lot of strange home protection stuff.

Couldn't pass up the Sierra Nevada chocolate shop!  I've graduated to one piece of chocolate early in the day to control that acid reflux, so I only bought two truffles.  They were delicious!

Midtown was LOADED with murals.  I have 23 more posts with murals in them! That's more than 5 months worth of Monday Murals!

Besides a chocolate covered caramel patty Cory bought a three-headed purple dragon in need of a wing repair and a loving home.

The dragon flew home with us in my purse.  It didn't appear he got airsick like I did.

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  1. This looks like a fun place to spend a day, a little bit of something for everyone - even something you didn't know you needed to see.