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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Chimney Tops - The Movie!

I stumbled across Movie Maker recently on my computer.  I'm still fighting Windows 8, everything takes twice as many steps and I'm still not using most of it, just going straight to "desktop" which looks more like the old version but takes twice as many clicks to do what you want.  I know, I'm repeating myself.  Much like all the extra steps I have to take to upload my photos.

Anyway, as I was saying, in Movie Maker there happens to be a few features that actually take care of my needs.  I bought that stupid Photoshop software and it's so complicated I never could figure any of it out.  I bought "The Missing Manual" for the Photoshop Elements 10....still haven't cracked it open and tried to figure that out either.  Of course the only way to find Movie Maker (that I know of yet) is to right click on the video in question and then "open with" Movie Maker.  The thing I noticed right away was an icon to rotate!  Sometimes I don't pay attention and forget that taking a movie isn't like taking a photo and I shouldn't turn the camera for the vertical angle I prefer.  Remember that sideways bike ride?

Also of use is a trim tool under "edit" that lets you set the start and end point.  Since I'm not looking to actually "make a movie" these two tools are really all I need.  I was able to snip off a portion I didn't like, rotate the section that I accidentally shot in vertical, and transition three short videos into one longer one.  Ta-da!  Here it finally is, "Chimney Tops - The Movie!"  Not the greatest image quality, but it'll give you an idea of what it's like as you near the summit.

I thought about adding music but I was feeling overwhelmed and tapped out technology-wise.  (I don't even know how to use a Smartphone, ya know)  Of course the music clips I had meticulously saved from my other attempt at movie making last year were on the other computer and I can't figure out what website I used last time.  Suggestions appreciated!

It's official - my blog has been noticed by the Fort Atkinson Historic Preservation Commission!  My post "More Fun Finds in Fort" from this exact day last year has been linked to their page.  I am honored and a little awed by the responsibility of representing historic landmarks in Wisconsin.  Someday I'll take that water tower tour, I'll have to put it on my spring to-do list!


  1. I think the image quality is good. I really should do more video myself. I've used Movie Maker in the past. My last couple of efforts of video I've relied on just the editing tools offered with Youtube. Kind of makes it simpler with a lot less "clicking". I can tell you how to edit the html to make your video show up larger on your blog. It's quite easy. Send me an e-mail if your interested and I'll try to write it out for you.

  2. Congrats Pam - what an honor to be featured! I had to look up Ft. Atkinson because I didn't know where that was. it's a little further north than I would have thought.

    I hate windows 8. Ugh. I've had it over for a year and I still don't do half the stuff I'm sure I could. It's so awkward to use. I need to try the movie maker feature tho. Do you notice any problems with internet connection drops? Mine is horrible about staying on the internet.

  3. Here are a couple of sites I used when I made a video on Movie Maker.

  4. yes I think having the START button on the desktop (and keeping away from those charms), is a good idea. It works for me. Enjoyed your video; that was a good walk up

  5. Great that your blog has been recognized! Your series of posts on the capitol here in Wisconsin were very interesting, and I learned more from your blog that I did when we toured it ourselves!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard