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Monday, January 20, 2014

Power of the Union of Women

We saw one more thing while driving around Madison.  A really cool mural on the side of a co-op grocery store.  I loved the use of color, it was especially uplifting on a gray, snowy day.

I borrowed a panoramic shot from the Willy Street Co-op's website.

full complete mural

"Utopia", the name of this mural, refers to a distant myth about a strong woman who lives in a free society. This world - of Utopia and Fantasy - is created with a palette of vibrant colors. It inhabits a dream atmosphere – an ideal future – that is yet to become a reality, but is not impossible to be realized.

Enacted in Brazil in 2006, the Maria da Penha Law on Domestic Violence against Women was named after a woman, severely beaten by her husband, who was left paralyzed for life. The law granted legal protection for women, giving them the tools they needed to combat violence against women. To bring awareness to this new law, Panmela organized a group of women who would use art to teach women and girls in Rio about women’s rights and to build a strong consciousness about women’s worth.

Panmela works to empower women and bring about meaningful and positive change. In Berlin, Paris, Istanbul, Prague, Johannesburg, New York, Toronto, Washington, D.C. and now, Madison, WI, Panmela’s art and message of empowerment has reached far beyond the streets of Rio.

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  1. Awesome mural and more power to them.

  2. Give aCool colored panorama!

  3. The energy flowing between the two women is palpable. A fabulous image with an important message. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.