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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Happy Christmas Campers

We interrupt this series of Newfoundland posts to tell you how happy we are to be camping in Christmas, Michigan this Memorial Day weekend.

We're staying at the Bay Furnace Campground just a smidge outside of Munising. Bay Furnace is part of the Hiawatha National Forest and situated on the Lake Superior shoreline.  There are 53 large non-electric sites available with a dump station but no flush toilets or showers so we are using the generator for the first time and "roughing" it.  Well, as rough as it gets in our new luxury accommodations anyway.  The campground is beautiful and very well taken care of by some very friendly camp hosts.

Site 13

I originally booked 2 sites here so that I could go tent camping with Katrina and her boyfriend, but Wayne decided taking the camper out for a run before our trip to Door County in a month sounded more appealing than an off-road-vehicle trip with his buddies.  We did not say no to access to a shower and heat this far north, let me tell ya.

Katrina and Joe

Think it sounds weird that we're staying in Christmas for the unofficial start of summer?  Not really.  We got in about 10:30 last night and set up in the dark...we had a bit of a surprise waiting for us under the trees this morning.

Ice.  Lots of it.  The glass bottom boat tours and the ferry to Grand Island?  Cancelled due to ice.

However the weather is perfect, as long as you don't get too close to shore.  The temperature drops about 20 degrees as you approach the ice drifting around the shoreline.  It's like stepping into a walk-in freezer!

Last time we visited Bay Furnace there were bumblebees buzzing around the bee balm, this time it's insect free, but the spring wildflowers have started.  I even picked up a book titled "What's Doin' the Bloomin'?" here at the local Falling Rock Cafe coffee shop where I'm picking up the free wifi.  They have a great selection of books here in addition to the coffee, ice cream and sandwiches they offer.

Like how I do that?  I mention spring wildflowers and then show you the lake instead?

snail heading south to escape the ice?

Wildflowers and waterfalls to follow.  But maybe I'll finish up the Newfoundland posts instead?  Right now I'm heading back to the campground to try to coerce the lazybones people I'm traveling with into leave the campfire.  I hear there's a spot the locals like that's just as good as Pictured Rocks in Christmas.


  1. I really like that bending shore pic.

  2. Well, you are in Christmas so if you don't get snow, I guess you do get ice. :-). Is this the way of things there in late May?