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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Finding the Falls

Munising is home to many waterfalls, and this link will provide you with access to an interactive map to locate all of them.  We saw a couple within the National Lakeshore on a last visit to the area, but this time I wanted to add a few more.  Memorial Falls and Tannery Falls were easy to access just across the highway from the intersection of Washington and H-58.  There isn't a specific parking lot so just find a spot on Washington (not H-58) and cross the road.

Descending into the gorge the scenery was just beautiful, very green and peaceful and wild.  There was a nice late spring wildflower display hanging onto the steep sides below us, and water softened sandstone covered in lichens above us.

When we finally got there we were a bit disappointed.  Turns out water is a bit choosy about when to fall here.  If you want to see a shot with more than a sprinkle in it, I found a good one here.

Memorial Falls

There is supposed to be a way to easily make this a combination hike to Tannery Falls but we couldn't figure it out and somehow made our way out the back to Nestor Street instead.  We retraced our steps to the falls and then back out to the main road to start that hike from H-58 as well.  Tannery Falls had a little more water going over the edge so we stopped to take a group shot.  I'm glad we did, the light was very nice in the shady ravine.

Tannery Falls

Fellow blogger Linda recently visited Ramona Falls in Oregon on a rainy day.  Now that's a waterfall!  She sees a lot of them up there, check out some of her other posts and prepare to be awed by Oregon's natural wonders.  I can't wait to visit there someday and see them for myself, but for now I just live vicariously through her stunning photographs.  Thanks for sharing them with us, Linda!


  1. I think that is one thing in favor of going early in the summer, the waterfalls were running full when we were there. But then so were the mosquitoes. So I guess you get to choose. HA!

  2. Thanks for the blog mention and kind words. Nice shot of your family at the falls!