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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sand Point Beach, Munising

Believe it or not I have 4 posts left about our Memorial Day weekend jaunt up to Munising.  Did you know the Weather Channel named Sand Point Beach in Munising one of the top five summer beaches in 2007?  Me neither.

I like it because of the different colored sand along the National Lakeshore and its easy access from town, but there were beachgoers swimming when we were there at the end of May.  Remember those ice floes I photographed now when you picture a group of men and children running into the water.  Crazy people.

Wayne likes the stranded boat just behind the Historic Coast Guard Station.  It was closed when we visited, which seems to be a theme this year.  I like imagining kayaking out to the of these days we'll get around to it.

Since the day was kind of clouded over I thought I'd see if black and white helped my shot of the boat.  I'm still not satisfied - I know I needed a different lens, some water shoes and probably a sunset wouldn't hurt either.  More reasons to return!

If you go to the beach for sunset get there a little early and take a walk on the North Country trail or the Sand Point Marsh Trail nearby.  More on the SPMT next post.

I've been catching up on blog reading and wanted to share some of my favorites with you in the next few posts.  Cindy McIntyre has been busy at Dinosaur National Monument this summer taking great photographs of prairie dogs.  She tends to post a lot of wildlife photos with great details about their behavior,  this summer she's photographing wild horses, squirrels, and even ants. I learn so much when I stop by there, stop by her blog and see what you can learn!


  1. Between you and Sherry (Direction of Our Dreams) who is also traveling in the UP this summer, I can't wait to get back up there. We breezed through on a summer adventure several years ago and saw so little. Have loved your posts.

  2. The sand at this beach is so pretty! Who knew it could come in so many different colors?

    Thanks so much for your upcoming mention of my post. I'm honored! :)

  3. Love seeing a place we really enjoyed. Looks like you aren't having any mosquito problems. We didn't have many there either and we were there later than you. Swimming in that water in June seemed way too cold to me let alone in late May.

  4. Thanks for the shout-out Pam! Several of your followers checked out my blog. Looks like you're having some great adventures, too!