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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Sunset Bike Trail at Peninsula State Park

This is completely off topic, but peninsula is the one word I misspell consistently.  I've always been a natural at spelling words correctly, they kind of just stick after I see them even once.  Often I can close my eyes and see it as if it's typed on a page in front of my eyes.  I do not have that kind of recall for anything else in life.  Pity.  I actually had to look the darn word up after a couple of missed attempts at spelling it when I first used it in one of the Door County posts and today I did it again.  Don't everyone feel sorry for me at once, save some for later.

You don't even have to read this post to find out the trail is 9.6 miles round trip, how do you like that?

Of course the Yellow Lady Slippers were everywhere in Peninsula State Park (I had to go back and correct the spelling AGAIN) but there was other stuff blooming too.

There's more to see than wildflowers, you can even stop at Eagle Bluff lighthouse.  It was closed for the day when we got there, and the trail down the cliffside was closed as well or we would have walked down.  Trust me, I craned my neck all over that place looking for a way down there!

We also drove around the campground while at the park and picked out the section we'd have to reserve if we wanted to camp here in the future.  That's debatable because the turns are tight, but the spots we were looking at were within walking distance of the kayak launch spot...

Hawk Weed is one of my favorite invasives, and it was as plentiful as the Lady Slipper.  Hawk Weed goes to seed pretty quickly, so enjoy it when you see it blooming because it doesn't last too long.

I'm terribly out of shape for bike riding but this ride is doable even for the novice and there is a lot to see.  It also swings through some other sections of the park giving you a nice overview of the area.  As I've mentioned before I'd love to come back to the area in the fall, and I'm sure this state park is gorgeous in early October.  No matter when you go, take as many breaks as you need and enjoy the ride!


  1. Yes, 9.6 miles sounds just perfect for a bike ride and it looks paved too. I'm marking it down.

  2. awww. . .I kinda envy you that bike ride.

    We hauled our bikes around on the back of our vehicle for ages. . .nearly killed ourselves trying to ride them on the Carriage Roads at Acadia. . .and enjoyed them on bike paths in Ohio. . .but decided we would never really give them the workouts they deserved. . .so left them with our son, when we were home last winter. . .boo hoo!

    Glad you guys are still able to do it. . .I also love that you know all the wildflower names. . .I will use your posts as references to label all the pics I've taken. . .thanks!

  3. Can't believe you are finding yellow lady slippers all over the place and I can't find a one. Plenty of pinks though. DARN that the lighthouse was closed.