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Friday, July 4, 2014

Sturgeon Around the Bay

Sturgeon Bay is the gateway to Door County and a lot of people just kind of breeze through.  We've stayed at the state park before and enjoyed it a lot.  If you're looking for anything "city", this is as close as it gets out here, and I was happy to see that they've continued their "Sturgeon Around the Bay" public art display.

The sturgeon in front of the Masonic Lodge was interesting as it included Masonic symbols.  We parked nearby and walked through downtown.  We popped in a couple of shops and I even got a Door County t-shirt on clearance for only $9.00!

I wasn't as impressed with this year's line-up as I was with the eggs in Egg Harbor, but it must be hard to keep coming up with ideas to decorate fish.

The two pictured here were made from recycled materials, the front one used puzzle pieces and the other one used Coca-Cola cans.  The Coke sturgeon was my favorite.

We also stopped at the Maritime Museum, but Wayne couldn't talk me into touring the tugboat again.  If it was free I would've been all for it, but I didn't feel like shelling out the bucks for museums that day.  I was saving my dollars for cherry flavored items and coffee from the Chocolate Chicken, ya know.

One of these days I do want to go out on the Chicago Fireboat tour, but this wasn't the day.

While walking around looking at the boats we noticed a pile of channel markers that we had to get a better look at.  I knew there was a photo that would tell a story in that pile, I just didn't seem to be able to figure out how to capture it.

Back on the main drag, another sturgeon of note was one that another blogger already commented on during her stay in the area.

Lure of the Lyre 

I had to look this up, but a lyre is a stringed instrument similar to a harp from ancient Greece.

And it wouldn't be a stop in Sturgeon Bay without watching a boat go under one of the lift bridges.  Not quite the same as being in Newfoundland, but it gets us by.

I'm sitting in the McDonald's parking lot in Crivitz now recuperating from a 5 mile hike at Governor Thompson State Park.  I'm skipping the fireworks tonight, think I'll just enjoy the quiet in the campground when everyone else goes.  The sites on either side of me were up talking past midnight last night, including the small children...who then woke me up crying.  And someone's dog was whining for a good hour last night too.  Also of note, my attempt at ridding my tent cot of the mildew smell apparently didn't work.  I guess I have to part ways with it, and also get another tent because this large orange I bought gets chilly at night!

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  1. Love the sturgeon, especially the recycled ones. They must have taken a lot of effort.