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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Bunkers and Berries

I've got some more bunker pictures, but these will be the last.  If you wander around Argentia just be careful, like anything else use some common sense.

I stuck the camera inside for a photo and got a ghostly glow when the flash bounced off the foggy air inside of it.

Around and on top of the bunkers you can find berries if you look closely.

Raspberries are ripe and so are these type of berries, not sure if it's a ground version of raspberry or a relative of the bakeapple, but it was delicious and I haven't seen it anywhere else.

They weren't always easy to get to, I had to watch my step as I crunched through the fallen trees and over the mossy landscape.

The blueberries are just starting to ripen, I picked some of all three types of berries on my walk yesterday morning.

The view would've been better from the top of the bunker if the fog wasn't so thick.

But I had a shirt full of blueberries to console me.

We're staying at Argentia Sunset Park, where we have full hook-up for only $30 night, and that's Canadian dollars so about $24 USD.  Make sure you bring cash though, no checks or credit cards accepted.  Plus you can get free berries for your breakfast!

Pearly Everlasting in bloom

Here's some video showing the campsites:


  1. Those berries are a lot better looking than the bunkers. Were the local people sorry to see the military go or glad?

  2. The fog makes me shiver. It looks so chilly, but the berries look yummy. I've never heard of partridge berries.

  3. Sigh....I am so missing the foggy, cool weather. We've had such a hot, dry summer and now we're being engulfed with smoke from all the wildfires in OR and WA. Those berries sure look good!