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Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Coastal Trail - Terra Nova

At Terra Nova we stayed 3 nights in site 18, which happened to be across from the stairway down to Newman Sound where access to the Coastal Trail could be found.

After passing the playground and the amphitheater the trail continues on alongside the tidal mud flats.  The night we arrived the tide was in, but in the morning when we went down the tide was out.

A few Amanita mushrooms were out too!

Terra Nova became Newfoundland's first national park in 1957, but besides that I couldn't find any information on the park.  I found it strange that both the literature we were handed out and the website contained nothing but regulations and suggestions of things to do.

Terra Nova does have hiking, but after a quick look around and exploring three trails I came to the conclusion that it's not really a "hikers" park.  Enough hiking to keep you busy for about 4 days, most of the trails are fairly flat and about 2-5 km.  The Coastal Trail is 9 km out and back, Dunphy's Pond is 10 km out and back and the more difficult Outport trail is 16 km one way with backcountry camping available.

asters and goldenrod on the beach

We didn't see any moose, bear or caribou while in the park, nor did we see any eagles, woodpeckers or grouse that are reputed to be flying around.

The temperature hung around 70F, a delightful change from the hot weather down in Wisconsin, but the ragweed seems to be starting to ramp up a bit.

The only shorebird we spotted taking advantage of low tide was what appears to be a Greater Yellowlegs.  I'm just going by the field guide, the real birders out there can let me know if I'm wrong!

Down by the water's edge were shells, seaweed, and little shrimp that were too small and fast to catch an image of.

On the trail we found ferns, berries, and lichens.

partridge berries ripening in the sun

Throughout the park they are 8 locations where you can stop and have " a red chair moment", and we easily spotted 3 of them, our first on the Coastal trail.

Near the red chairs was a leftover piece of machinery that we couldn't determine the use of.

And we met up with Nathan and his new Cape Shore Water Dog.  The Cape Shore Water Dog is probably really the St. John’s water dog, with more than a bit of modern Labrador retriever ancestry.

The owner got a little miffed when I said we used to breed labs and corrected me, but look at that body and face and tell me what you think?  Besides how adorable it was!

As the trail went along we found other things.  Anyone want to hazard a guess as to what the following two items are?


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  2. Is the last picture pieces of pine cone? Looks like you're having a lovely time.

  3. Hope you're having a good time. We liked Gros Morne better than Terra Nova, lots more hiking. Obviously the 2nd to last pic is a feather (uh-huh), and the last one looks more like spent rose petals to me. Enjoy!

  4. The green on the feather has me a bit stumped. Almost reminds me of a peacock.

    I really like the pattern on your pic of the fern. Are those black dots spores?

    1. What?? I was counting on you! ;)

  5. Lovely scenery! Looks like a nice place.