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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Hello Wisconsin?

I've been busy this past week because Wayne told me he had a contractor to get our bathrooms remodeled while we were on vacation.  Great, right?  Except I haven't made a single plan in that direction except the fact that it needs to be done.  Luckily I work well under pressure.

The hardwood floor and the sink have to go in the half bath, and the main bath never got the walls tiled or the tub replaced - it's more than an eyesore!

So, I've been running around looking at tile, and went with some I found in Kenosha.  Guess who was in the parking lot the day after I was?  Topher Grace from That 70's Show!  How random is that?  Katrina and I are devastated that we missed him on his way through town.

Yesterday I was in Lake Geneva's Home Depot purchasing a new tub, shower doors, and fixtures.  Everything is piled up and waiting for the work to begin.  When we come home from our trip to Newfoundland I'll make sure to take some pictures of the completed job, but I still wish I had run into Topher Grace in Kenosha!


  1. If I ran into Topher Grace, I wouldn't even know it. Never heard of him. ;)

  2. That's the way to have work done, just leave town. No dealing with the mess.