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Sunday, August 16, 2015

They Made it to Maine

Cory and Wayne drove 315 miles from Twin Lakes to Perrysburg, Ohio on Friday.  They left here before 2:00 and the traffic was so bad in Chicago that what should have been a 5 hour drive took them 7 hours.  Someday we won't have to navigate Chicago to get where we want to go, won't that be great?

Wild Duck Campground

Yesterday they drove another 587 miles in 9 hours to a Walmart near Albany and today they drove 257 miles to the Wild Duck Campground in Scarborough, Maine where they finally could stop long enough to rest a bit before doing it all again tomorrow.  

Wayne says the campground is "ok" and that's not high praise at $63.72 a night after tax, but choices were slim along the route so what can you do?  I know those of you used to boondocking or paying those "geezer" 1/2 off rates are trying not to swoon at that exorbitant rate!

They are more than halfway to their goal of the ferry in North Sydney, heading to Parlee Beach Provincial Park tomorrow where they will pay a more reasonable $30, but I will admit I don't know if there will be a park entrance fee on top of that.  They'll just have to console themselves with more seafood and hanging out at the most popular beach in the Maritimes, I guess.

Except for the driving it sounds really good to me, all I got up to this weekend is watering the desperately dry garden and lots of housework because it's too hot for me at 90F.  I was so bored I even cleaned the sponge holder by the kitchen sink!


  1. Wow that is a LOT of driving and an EX-pensive campground but I'd be in heaven with that lobster.

  2. Lot of money to park up for the night that. we are back to watering the garden again after the rain we had last week but at least the water buts are filled