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Monday, August 24, 2015

That Crowd in Placentia

Cory going back down Cemetery Hill, Placentia

Folks taking the ferry from Nova Scotia to Argentia will not be able to bring their camper to Placentia this year due to the ongoing lift bridge construction. There are weight and length limits to cross the old Ambrose Shea lift bridge and the new one is not finished yet.  Of course they can stay at the Argentia RV Park like we are and then just drive their vehicle around.  The roads are under construction if you head that way, some spots nothing but deep beds of gravel, some spots nothing but potholes holding hands.

Look close and you'll see the old Ambrose Shea lift bridge on the left next to the new whiter bridge still being built
When we come "home" it's a daily shuffle from Freshwater where my family lives to Placentia where Wayne's family lives.  This year we happened to arrive for the weekend when the tiny neighborhood called The Swans in Placentia holds their annual Blueberry Festival.

Blueberry patch and view of Southeast Placentia from top of Cemetery Hill

Before you get excited and start making plans, it's not really a festival, just an excuse for the old gang to get together and drink beer all day while picking blueberries.  Not being a drinker I declined the invite but went up for the view the next day.

They had nice weather this year, and though the blueberries are a little late coming in there were still enough that they picked a couple of gallons for Wayne's mother.

Craig (Wayne's nephew) and Wayne show off
their official shirts to Wayne's mother

It's a wonder they all made it back down the steep hill in the condition they were in, but make it down they did, and continued on to the Boardwalk Lounge for a "few" more beers.  I dropped over for a few minutes and was thrilled to see our nephew Tommy who stayed at our house in Kenosha for a few months about 20 years ago!  I couldn't believe little Tommy is now 38 years old, he had to tell me twice and I still think he might be lying.

Tommy and the mural at the Boardwalk Lounge

I always like the look of "The Swans", usually there are lobster pots and little boats tied up or beached up on the shore.

It's Wayne's mom's birthday on Friday, but since we will have moved on by then we celebrated a little early. Can you believe she's only 94?

Nell Leonard and her youngest 

Wayne's sister Alverna came out from St. John's for the afternoon, and let me tell ya, that's when all the trouble starts.  She even gets me to laughing, and I'm a tough customer.

Me and Alverna having a laugh

Exhibit #1 - Would you take a look at this nonsense?  Louise was holding open the door so Alverna could take a picture of her mother and then Alverna decided a selfie of herself sitting on her sister's back was a better idea.  The best part is the look on Wayne's face, not to mention the look on their mother's face.  Of course she's used to all their foolishness.

Me?  I'm the quiet type, don't even know how to get up to shenanigans like that.  Guess that's what happens when you're an only child.

Louise and Alverna cooked up a big Jigg's dinner complete with salt beef, riblets, pease pudding and blueberry pudding made from the previous day's haul up on the hill.  Then they came out with a strawberry shortcake and surprised their mother who didn't know they were planning anything for her birthday that day.

Happy Birthday to you!

Before we let her dig in to some cake she had to put up with posing for pictures with everyone.

Cory and his Nan Leonard

The front of Louise, but Alverna still hamming it up!

That's all from Placentia today!  We'll get up to more foolishness another day I'm sure.


  1. What a fun family:) Glad you were able to help Wayne's mother celebrate even if a little early. She looks wonderful:)

  2. I laughed out loud at the potholes holding hands. Sounds like David's kind of blackberry picking party. I'm not a beer drinker so I guess you and I would just eat all the berries. Wayne sure has some long genes that's for sure. Wish my father at 94 was doing as well as Wayne's mom. Maybe he should have lived in Newfoundland.