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Friday, June 27, 2014

Scrumptious Sunset

Remember way back when I mentioned a coffee shop in Egg Harbor?

The Chocolate Chicken was my favorite food find in Door County.   Delicious coffee and they serve ice cream and fudge too!  If you want to try their coffee you can order my opinion they beat Door County Coffee Company hands down.

Yet another egg at the marina

In the week we were there we stopped in 3 times, and not only sampled their coffee but of course I tasted their chocolate and baked goods too.  It was all good, but the truffles were the best. They also make chocolate chickens and white chocolate deviled eggs that were so cute, but I forgot to take pictures because I was so busy stuffing my face.  The last time we stopped in I stocked up on some decaf to make at home and Wayne got some ice cream to enjoy while we waited for sunset.

It wasn't ideal with the clouds low on the horizon, and for some reason I'm incapable of taking good sunset shots, but it was still a nice way to pass the evening.  Sunset watching is one of the few ways to get me to sit still for a little while.

Wayne was the impatient one this time, as the sun dipped behind the clouds he kept pestering me to get a move on, but I was trying to capture the soaring gulls backlit by the vibrant sky.

Egg Harbor ended up being one of my favorite spots on our trip.  Let the Illinois crowd have Fish Creek, I say.

Not only did I stock up at the Chocolate Chicken, but I stocked up on jam too.  Seaquist Orchards won the jam sampling tests so far, especially their cherry butter.  Wood Orchard Market has some good stuff too, especially their Cherry Strudel.

Today I stopped at Trader Joe's on my way home from Harrington Beach State Park and my tasty find was their dark chocolate almond toffee.  Thankfully I live an hour from the nearest TJ's or I could be shopping for all new pants in a couple of weeks between those and their peanut butter cups.  Don't worry, I bought peaches and oranges too, though I'm laying off the cherries for awhile after our time in cherry country!


  1. glad to hear I wasn't the only one who wasn't ga ga over Fish Creek. . .just not a tourist shop/boutique shop shopper. . .I always feel bad for the business owners who are just trying to make a living. . .but just really not my thing at all. . .I think we spent maybe an hour in fish creek, where we had planned to have lunch until we saw that a burger was $9.50. . .so on we went back to Sturgeon Bay where we had an absolutely fabulous pizza at Fatzo's. . .

  2. I like your sunset pictures, all 3 of them. All this talk of chocolate and ice cream is setting off my sweet tooth. :-)

  3. Now I liked the look of that asparagus! ;)

  4. Gorgeous sunset captures.. Trader Joe's is one of our favorite stores.. Have a happy weekend!

  5. Coffee, ice cream, and fudge - could it get any better? I love the picture of the boats.