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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Short Walk in the Woods - Bud Ogle Place

I dragged my parents over to the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail to take a look at Noah "Bud" Ogle's Place, one of the first stops from Cherokee Orchard Road.  From the parking lot the road is still two way, so we planned that Dad and I would continue along to the one way motor trail and Mom would turn back to go check out some shops.

Big hunks of quartz on the site

There is an interpretive pamphlet available to purchase that will guide the visitor through the numbered 3/4 mile nature trail through the Ogle property.

I call this one "How Long Until We Can Gracefully Leave?"

My parents checked out the main house, then Mom went back to town and Dad went back to the car while I struck out to get have a short walk in the woods.  I had the trail to myself, which I was thankful for since the reason I've never explored this site is that it is usually full of people when I drive past.

This is the type of Smokies environment I enjoy the most, lots of rhododendren, a moist habitat that supports fungal growth and ferns.

It didn't take long before I heard the stream where I knew the tubmill would be located.

I took a few pictures, but made a plan to come back here again with Wayne in the spring when the greens will really pop and get right into that stream with my rubber boots and tripod in tow.

This spot also had rocks everywhere, in the streams and along the trail, so be sure to wear sturdy shoes when you visit even though it is relatively flat.

Back on the Motor Nature Trail we scanned the landscape out the open car windows, keeping our eyes open for bears and other wildlife but had no success.  All we saw was views of the Roaring Fork itself as we crossed over it again and again.

I could live with that.

Today I'm on the last leg of my trip home again, trying to make it back in time to see my Wayne on our 26th wedding anniversary!

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  1. We drove that Roaring Fork loop on our trip down there in a slight drizzle, and got some wonderful pictures of the tumbling stream. Beautiful place!