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Monday, November 23, 2015

Clinton Post Office Mural and a Final Hike

On my way out of Tennessee I met Sharon near the town of Clinton which happened to have a U.S. Post Office mural.  The town had a newer facility but moved the mural from the old location.  I love it when they do that!

"Farm and Factory" was painted in 1940 by Horace Day.  The brick wall in the background represents the town's own Magnet Mills which opened its doors in 1906 operating as a hosiery mill. By 1930, the mill employed over 1000 people. At one point, the mill owners operated at a loss during the great depression just to keep people working. 

Of course "progress" was inevitable with more modern industry to come and the days of family farming were on their way out.

Nearby is Norris Dam State Park where I stayed a night on my way down to Tennessee.  While I wasn't crazy about their camping situation (no place to put a tent, sites not big enough for larger RVs) they do have an excellent hiking trail system and Sharon and I went for one last short hike above the dammed in lake.

I'll miss my hiking buddy!

I pretty much high tailed it home after that, but did make a detour in to Levi Jackson State Park in Kentucky for a quick look at the campground.  The camping facilities in Kentucky State Parks are generally more up to date than the ones in the Tennessee State Parks.  While not a huge hiking destination it did have some trails and as is common in Kentucky parks lots of family oriented things to do.

large sites at Levi Jackson

Temperatures barely cracking above freezing for the week ahead here in Wisconsin but I will force myself out of the house tomorrow and Wednesday for hikes because there is an 80% chance of rain on Thanksgiving.  Wayne will be working, Katrina will be heading up to the U.P. and Cory will be going to her place to babysit her cat.  Guess it will be a movie marathon day for me, which is much more appealing than all that cooking and cleaning anyway!

Linking up to Monday Mural again.  Click the New Deal art label below if you want to know more about the post office murals story and the ones I've seen.


  1. The mural is a lovely farm scene. The Autumn shot of the state park is beautiful. Great post and photos. Have a happy week ahead. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  2. Great mural though the RV looks lonly where it is