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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Crossing the Pond?

I'm back from Tennessee and this morning I woke up to this happening.

We got almost a foot of snow here in Kenosha county today!  So what is a girl to do but lay around in her pajamas and start planning next year's trips?

My recent trip to Tennessee pointed out a few problems that could be ahead with my travel options.  It seems my allergies are getting tripped more easily, the house I rented back in February triggered problems this time, specifically the bed.  Probably dust mites combined with scented laundry detergent even though I stripped everything except the mattress cover off the bed.  So, what to do?  I was thinking I'd finally take a trip to London and perhaps even take the train on to France or the Netherlands.  Solution?  Pack my tent and sleeping bag!  Turns out there are nice campgrounds in Europe, even quite near the larger cities.  No worries about allergies, and money saving too!  And maybe I'll invest in a tent geared for colder temperatures and extend my camping season a little if I get cabin fever this winter.

Tomorrow's forecast?  Wind chill factors in the teens.  Guess I'm staying inside again but since I haven't exercised since Tuesday maybe I should get on the treadmill...after daydreaming about European campgrounds some more.

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  1. If you had a frozen pond nearby, you could break out the ice skates and get in some exercise that way! You guys are getting an early taste of winter ... and I think we're next (Tuesday, or so they forecast). Go out in a snowsuit and make snow angels! :- )