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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Campground Review - Manor RV Park, Estes Park

We are staying at Manor RV Park in Estes Park, which is just a few miles from the Beaver Meadows entrance station of the park.

Wayne and Celia 

I chose this campground because of the "pet path" behind part of one of the rows, and we picked what I think is the best site because of the aspen and goldenrod right behind us...and the deer like it too.

We are in site #73 which is also just a few sites down from the laundry room and a short walk to the trash dumpster.

We are also a short drive into downtown and all the amenities.  Of course I climbed up the hill behind the pet path and checked out the view of the mountains that surround Estes Park.

However, as you can see in the photo the sites are very tight together, with no room for your vehicle except jammed up sideways and the last few nights we've all been lined up bumper to bumper in front of our RVs.   Full hookups and free wifi is nice, but at $55 night it is a bit steep.  That is us by the red arrow, at that moment we had no neighbor so imagine it with another big rig jammed in between for a more accurate idea.  The other park we looked at, Elk Meadows, had roomier sites but no wifi and was an additional $10 per night!  Of course the campgrounds in the park are gorgeous, but do not have water or electric at the sites, and no shower facilities either.  There also isn't any Verizon service past the entrance station, so we couldn't even turn on our hotspot on our phones to get internet if we wanted to stay there.  However, if I ever return for a solo camping trip I would definitely stay in the park and go into town for wifi!


  1. That park would be illegle in the Uk as way too close together. Nice benifit of seeing the deer behind

  2. Estes Park does get crowded with elk and people but the trails are great. You should checkout Mueller State Park. Plenty of trails, wifi, showers and electric. Not many people. Hope you enjoying your time.