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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Day Three - A Drive on Old Fall River Road

As I mentioned before the National Parks celebrated their centennial while we were in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Wayne and I on Timber Ridge Road, RMNP

On our third day in the park we took a drive up the Old Fall River Road, which is accessible from the Lawn Lake area of the park.  The gravel road is very well maintained but vehicles over 25 feet are not allowed.

The 9 mile one way road provided stunning views as we climbed upward toward the Alpine Visitor Center.

It's a bit late for wildflowers, but I caught sight of a few.  Of course minutes later we were engulfed in clouds and then came the thunder and the sleet!

I thought a video would be better than pictures for this adventure.  I even finally figured out how to add music!  Music is by Jason Shaw and is called Green Leaves.


  1. Great place to celebrate the centennial! Clearly I need you to show me how to do videos. I take them but cannot get them to post on my blog and certainly not with music. Some argument between u-tube and blogger which I got tired of very quickly. Well done on your part! Maybe they both like you better and why wouldn't they? Your posts are reasonable lengths with reasonable numbers of pictures.

  2. Well worth the effort for the Views

  3. I recognize that winding road (quite the drive, too!). Methinks it's about time for us to return to RMNP! Hope you're having a great time.

  4. While the clouds are a pain for photos, they do create interesting photos at the same time.