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Friday, August 19, 2016

The Missing Munising Post

Oops!  One more Munising from July that got lost in the shuffle!
We are on our way west later today, but enjoy this little flashback in the meantime.

I thought about taking the ferry over to Grand Island but once I saw that the price was $15 I changed my mind.  I thought it was pretty steep for a half a mile ride which doesn't include a bike or vehicle.  In my younger days I could have swam that distance without even getting out of breath.

So I finished up my return visit to lovely Munising by seeing a few more waterfalls including Scott Falls which is right on the side of the road on M-28 on the outskirts of Au Train.

From M-28 I turned onto Forest Lake Road and took it to the gravel road just before it met up with M-94.  There was no sign that this is the road for Au Train Falls, but if you're coming from M-94 there is a sign making it easier to find.  Just park at the lot a little further along and walk the other 530 feet to the falls.

I don't know whether it was due to it being Sunday morning or because of the rain that was threatening to start up again in the area but I had the falls all to myself.  I walked around and got them from many angles.

A hydroelectric station is located there and this is actually the smaller lower falls.  The upper falls has pipe right across the top of it and I didn't see a way to easily find it .

My favorite shot was of the station from down the river.

It's a great little spot to have a picnic and beat the crowds who are hanging out at Pictured Rocks, I bet that water would feel great on a hot day too!


  1. Loved our short time in this area a couple years ago. Love your final photo with that hint of fog/mist:) Safe travels west to cool off and get rid of the humidity!!

  2. Pretty waterfalls! Have a good trip west. Looking forward to meeting you in SD.