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Friday, August 5, 2016

Munising Wrap Up and Kidding Around

When I was in Munising I started catching up on blog reading but haven't even looked at blogs including my own in the past 10 days.  Been busy binge watching Netflix, cleaning out the closets and going to work.

I also helped Katrina try to get girls and adults interested in Girl Scouts at our local National Night Out here in Twin Lakes.  While we sat at the table in the shade we watched the firemen run up the ladder all suited up in the heat.  Better them than me.

Someone was making balloon animals and the kids were having a good time showing them off.

Now is the time to get your girls signed up for the coming year, contacting your local Council and get them in on all the fun!

As for my recent trip up to Munising I do have a few more things to share including some info about the North Country Trail.  Here's a general map of it's locations in Michigan.

Like the Ice Age Trail there are some gaps, and some road connections.

And due to the recent heavy rain there was a re-route at the Munising Falls parking lot where I tried to connect up with it, I'm assuming the trail washed out.

So with the trail washed out in one direction and pavement in the other I had to settle for a moment enjoying Munising Falls instead.

Back at the Bay Furnace campground I was cleaning up from my whitefish dinner when a USFS employee came around and let me know that an owl presentation was about to begin at the Bay Furnace.  Was I interested?  You bet!

After he talked about the owls of Michigan he offered up owl pellets for the kids to enjoy.  The two little ladies that I watched dissect theirs were the only girls he'd ever seen do it bare handed, even though he alerted everyone the pellets were sterilized and then offered latex gloves.

 I looked at him and said that was weird, why should boys not be afraid to touch them and girls are?  Of course he just looked at me like I was the weird one, but I thought it needed to be said to encourage the girls to keep proving they can get dirty just as good as the boys can.  More dirt gets under the fingernails making sandcastles on the beach for goodness sake.

rodent skull!

Speaking of sandcastles on the beach...

And that is all from the U.P., now I'm counting the days until we head out to Colorado and South Dakota.  Today my new camera equipment came in the mail so I'll be experimenting with portraiture this weekend.  A friend asked me to do their family portraits so I'm taking the neighbor kids out to the park to practice first.  I'll review my new equipment and post the photos next week!


  1. I've missed seeing your blogs but see you have had an intersting time in the places you visited. I take it the DSLR is getting too heavy for you now. I tend to take a Canon SX240HS around with me but have been considering a SX720. I also bought my wife an iphone 6s and she has been taking some great photos with it. Looking forward to see what gear you get

  2. Lovely sunset! Yes, I used to be a Girl Scout leader and recruiter back when my daughter was young. Easy to get girls interested, not so easy to get the parents to volunteer. Yeah, I'm also looking forward to my yearly trip east to SD.