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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The New Deal and the History of Cattle Drives Meet in Nebraska

So now I'm not only behind on reading my emails and reading blogs, but I'm behind on editing my photos and writing my blog posts too!  I did find time to dart into the U.S. Post Office in Ogallala, Nebraska when we spent the night there.

I had to mail my mother her new pair of eyeglasses that I didn't have time to take to her before we left home (why are there only 24 hours in a day, at least in summer?) but I had an ulterior motive for stopping at that particular post office of course.

The oil-on-canvas mural entitled “Long Horns” was painted by Frank Mechau in 1938. From "Ogallaly, Queen of the Cow Towns" :
...once the railroads started across the Plains, they provided a means of carrying the cattle to the eastern buyers – provided the Texas cattlemen could get their rangy, irascible stock to the railhead. and so was born the classic “long trail” and the cattle drive of legend.

 Just as interesting was the two images in the bulletin cases below the main mural.

Even buying stamps could help the war effort during WWII, something I hadn't heard of before.  I really liked the WWI propaganda poster from 1916 featuring the call to women to help by joining the Navy League.

A quick glance around as I drove back to the camper was all I had time for, guess exploring Nebraska will have to wait for another day.

Back at the new toy hauler we had lots of work to do trying to find a place to put all our stuff.

There is definitely less space for clothes to be stored, but I'm starting to making some headway.

Miss Jewel thinks she's helping, or else she just thought the drawer looked like a great place to make a new bed for herself.  Look at that face!

We've been in Colorado for a whole day and have had so many adventures already I don't know how I'll be able to keep up sharing them on the blog, but I'll do my best!

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  1. How much stuff do you take when you go off in the fifth wheel, we try to keep to a minimum in the van. That mural and posters were worth going to the PO for, superb