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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Argentia - Forgotten Gems

So as I leave today for Newfoundland, here's a few gems that somehow got left behind from when I was posting about my hometown of Argentia.

Aunt Agatha and I post at the marker for the old Griffin plot of land 

Remember my lengthy post about how the Americans came to Argentia and built the Naval submarine base during World War II? I also posted about how my Grandfather's family was one of those affected and relocated in 1941. Seems I had another post planned and just forgot to finish it.  My Aunt Agatha and I had gone and found the marker my uncle had placed to mark where the Griffins used to live.  I'll probably have even more information on that after this next visit.

View of Argentia Harbor from Traverse's Cove

I'd love to get a boat and see the area from the water, maybe we can make that happen on this trip...

One thing we have in the works is a trip out to where my Grandmother's family and where Wayne's family originally hail from.  They were relocated by the Government for a different reason, something called the Resettlement Programme, and I'm sure there will be a series of posts about that as well.

I'll probably toss up 2 more Chicago posts before I have time to start working on my Newfoundland adventures.  Look out, Newfoundland, here I come!!