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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Annie's Canyon Mini-Hike

In search of a new hike close to my home base in Rancho Bernado I decided to head over to the San Elijo Conservancy and check out Annie's Canyon. If you go, make sure to park at Rios Avenue because the other trailhead is currently closed.

Once the prone to vandalism the trail was restored and opened on June 21, 2016. It is named Annie’s Canyon Trail in honor of a 30-year resident of Solana Beach named Annie.

Birds only beyond this point

Annie’s Canyon Trail is a moderate-to-strenuous ¼-mile loop trail accessible from Rios Avenue trail. It was probably half a mile from the trailhead to canyon loop entrance.

No climbing on the eroded sandstone please, and of course no vandalism either.

I was smart and got there early, it may have been my first time in a slot canyon, but I know how it is on popular trails.

It only takes a few minutes to maneuver your way through, and even though it's a slight incline just forge ahead with confidence.

There was a metal ladder at the end, and a panoramic view of the salt marsh with the ocean as a backdrop was the reward.  I even got to enjoy it by myself for a few minutes before the families started arriving for their weekend adventure.

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